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Ed Sanders


Edward is an intuitive solution specialist who provides innovation for your brand.  We start by understanding your objectives, budget while then provide a disruptive solution to grow your business.  We start with your creative, branding, content and marketing adding a VR Experience. We encompass the latest in Virtual Reality, Lay Flat Viewers, Direct Marketing, News Paper Insertion putting your firm at the forefront of innovation.


Gary is a high level connector for professionals and business influencers and owners of companies.  He is strategically involved as a business development consultant, who for 35+ years has been fostering growth through relationships with key business professionals. Gary has served as president of IFMA, CEO Club, SEGD, USGBC in addition donates much of his time to many charitable organizations in the metropolitan area.


Alan’s consultative approach to developing a business which aligns innovative technology with service and support for over 33 years. Having industry knowledge across many platforms which include business consulting, managed print solutions and deliverables for clients make him very easy to interact with when a project is engaged. VR is the next step in evolution which is now a part of our consumer marketing solutions.

Paul Ferrali


Paul is an innovative “free thinker” whose commitment is to provide streamlined solutions to his clientele for over 30 years. Paul’s career encompasses being  a consultative resource for our VR initiatives.  He has daily interactions with client’s which places him in the mainstream of understanding what business and marketeers require to stay ahead of the curve for innovative marketing in the 21st century.

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Hubert is founder of the Delany Group, LLC. which provides software maintenance and support services to utilities, most notably Con Edison of New York along with Replevin Transaction Server (RTS) legal process management system. Hubert’s background has been with 3D display systems, software integrations and coding,  making the transition with virtual reality seamless interface for the evolution marketing solutions being developed.

Jody Matthews


Jody Matthews Design is a full-service design expert who offers friendly, professional graphic design services to a diverse range of clients. Jody’s projects range from logos and branding to websites and interactive media. As our graphic designer and art direction expert she will bring your creativity to life across multiple channels. Jody has a BA in Journalism & Visual Communications and has been  providing these services to high profile brands for over 20 years.

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Christine is a consummate sales professional with over 30 years experience.  Her background in the apparel industry provides a unique insight for consumer based marketing which appeals to your emotions. Christine’s expertise provides clients an understanding of how their marketing efforts will appeal to the multi generations of decision makers. As part of the VR Team her background allows her to provide valuable insights when engaging your audience.

Rob G


Robert is our sustainability and materials expert with 35 years experience, servicing the printing industry. His background ensures all of our production for our Lay Flat VR Viewers and direct mail utilize the best green certified resources. Robert is very much involved in his communities efforts to be sustainable in addition to a portion of his time is spent coaching our youth in sports. His diverse background allows us to be innovative and thoughtful for your marketing projects.

Amy D


Amy has an energetic approach and creative, positive outlook. Her years of experience promoting and marketing luxury real estate while leading in-house PR and Marketing departments at top NYC firms have led to her present work developing and cultivating business relationships for Social Life Magazine. Amy’s love of architecture and history,coupled with her understanding of lifestyle and passion for culture, give her the unique ability to relate to international clientele.

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Rick provides 30 years of solution selling for print and marketing and is primarily engaged with our clients in Canada. Rick’s expertise stems from a degree in Business and Marketing with a career in news paper publications then evolving for the last 20 years in print and marketing solutions for many american based companies. He is a volunteer fireman for his local community in Ottawa and an expert to engage when you have a complex project requiring print, mail, VR/AR.



Jeremy is experienced in providing multi-channel software solutions for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. He provides you with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all your customer feedback and research projects.  Jeremy’s love of providing seamless high level solutions, makes him very easy to work with when your project is engaged.

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Ed is at the start of his career bringing the views and ideology of Millennial’s into our marketing and sales perspectives. Currently he is finishing his second year of college at PACE University here in NYC with a major in business and finance on the horizon. Ed is a people person, always energetic, happy and full of innovative ideas with one goal to help keep our clients informed on how the youth of today thinks.